Frequently, I meet with new or existing clients to help them think through an organizational or team challenge having to do with people. I come to this conversation with my passion and expertise of leadership development. My goal is to help find an answer to the challenge. However, the difficulty is that I want to solve the problem through myRead More →

My family sat on our backyard patio last night just hanging out. The sun was setting. The temperature was a perfect 70-degrees and dropping slightly with a mild breeze. The younger kids jumped on the trampoline while my wife and older kids just talked about life. Eventually, I built a small fire to gaze upon and warm us. Darkness settledRead More →

The ball came flying at me with lightning velocity and a wicked spin. My counter move was critical. The instantaneous mental processing of forehand or backhand, low angle or high angle, top, side, or backspin all colliding in my mind at once. To my demise, the ball ricocheted off my paddle and into the wall giving my opponent the prizeRead More →

The Roadtrip Leadership Lessons Guide contains step-by-step instructions on sharing the videos with your team and leading valuable discussions that will encourage them to be more mindful of themselves and their interactions with others.Read More →

In my last blog, I introduced the idea of “babies” in an organization. These are the young people. As inspirational influencers, our proper response to the “babies” is to embrace, stretch, and nurture them. The focus of that blog was on embracing young people’s innocence, joy, and curiosity. In this post, I will focus on the concepts of stretch andRead More →

Love Babies I love babies. Ever since I was a kid, I have been drawn to little ones who have so much potential. Even now, when I see a baby, I move in close, look her in the eyes, smile, and talk with a caring tone. “Hi there, it is so good to see you. You are such a beautifulRead More →

As we enter a new year, setting goals is a common practice. I want to challenge your thinking. I propose we should all stop setting goals as a New Year’s resolution. What’s the point of establishing goals? We feel bad when we don’t accomplish them. They give power to managers to show how poorly we’ve done. Most of the time,Read More →

Recently, I was having a conversation with a manager that leads a six-person team. The team is made of both inexperienced and experienced members. There are moderate and high performance, but no low performers. We were discussing the extent to which a manager allows flexibility to team members in regards to hours of work, location of work, one-on-one meetings, andRead More →

Driving is a big responsibility. Every time you get behind the wheel you are responsible for the safety of yourself, the people in your car, and the other people on the road. Being careless behind the wheel can lead to huge consequences. In this final episode of the Road Trip Leadership Lessons series, Todd discusses how important it is forRead More →