10 Years – Thank You!

Leadership Innovations was started ten years ago this month.  I left a consistent paycheck, health insurance, and other financial benefits to pursue this desire that had stirred in me for several years.  My wife and I’s five children were between the ages of one and ten, and my work was our primary source of income.  Our savings was decent but would not last long without a flow of income.  Business loans and lines of credit were nonexistent in the aftermath of the 2008 recession.  Yet, with my wife’s 100% support, a ton of prayer, and the compulsion to step out in faith, we made this leap.

Looking back over the past ten years of running this small business, there are numerous things I am thankful for.  I am grateful for my wife who askes great questions, listens really well, continually supports me, and always provides sound advice.  I am thankful for Jim, Leta, Marissa, Dana, Liesl, and Jerry.  These are the people that I have been able to work with to deliver transformative leadership experiences.  Their expertise, friendship, and encouragement are foundations in my life.  It has been proven that we can be friends and do great work together!  Also, I am thankful for the many “client-friends” that have trusted us to collaboratively create and deliver hundreds of leadership development experiences.  Next, I am grateful of my family and friends that have supported this endeavor with their love and encouragement.  It is clear that this business adventure would not have happened without the beautiful community of people surrounding my family and me.

In addition to all the people that have been a support system, Leadership Innovations would not exist without the thousands of incredible people around the world that have said “yes” to participating in a leadership academy, workshop, or coaching session.  I am humbled by all the people that have been willing to show up, share their stories, go deeper, discover new insights, and make the changes to lead even better. Finally, I am thankful for my daily walk with a personal God that I have come to know through Jesus.  It is through His love, guidance, encouragement, forgiveness, creativity, and goodness, that this business exists.  For me, that is something worth pursuing every day!