I Am Done Leading

I am done leading.

I just want to give up and tell everyone, you are on your own now. Fend for yourself. Figure it out without me. I am tired of trying to keep this ship both floating and moving forward. I am going to sit here by myself and let the world around take care of itself.

Leadership was not supposed to be this hard. I have to make decisions people do not like. I have to tell people they are not getting the job done at the level needed. I have to help people get along with each other. Grow up and be an adult. Take responsibility and lead yourself now!

I am done leading.

Have you had these thoughts? I sure have. Leadership is not easy. Leading is demanding, confusing, and tiring at times. So, what do we do?

Give up! That is right, give up. Give up our delusion of leadership.


Give up demanding and simply set clear reasonable expectations for yourself and others. This means pausing to clearly understand the expectations, communicate the expectations, and follow up consistently. Unmet expectations lead to irritation. Thus, reduce the irritation with simplicity of expectations.

Question: What expectations do you need to reassess and reestablish?


Give up thinking everything can be solved with an easy step-by-step plan. Often, we are leading in complex systems that both require clear planning and fluid adaptation. Seek clarity for yourself and others every single day in relationship to where you are headed.

Question: What needs clarity right now?


Give up thinking you can do it all by yourself. Healthy leaders seek help and lean on others. The mutual support you foster around yourself is a foundation for working through the difficulties of leading yourself and others.

Question: What support do you need?

Leading is not always easy and there are days when we want to be done with it. Yet, I am reminded of the joy and harvest that comes when we stay in the game by setting clear expectations, seeking clarity, and embracing help from others.