We loaded up the mini-van and took the five kids to San Antonio, Texas for our family vacation this past May. One of our first activities was Aquatica, the SeaWorld water park. We started out at the wave pool and then ventured our way to our first waterslide, Stingray Falls. We were drawn there by the enticing photos and catchyRead More →

THIS BLOG POST IS CONTRIBUTED BY JIM DAVIS, A LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIST AND FACILITATOR WITH LEADERSHIP INNOVATIONS. You were wrong. Flat out wrong. You promised right, but it turned left. You planned for up, but it went down. This hire was “The One”, but they left after three months. No doubt about it…wrong! So, what now? Here are some ofRead More →

This blog post is contributed by Dana Schwartz, a Leadership Strategist, Coach, and Facilitator with Leadership Innovations. Search the web for “fear of failure” and you’ll find a multitude of links to articles – from inspirational quotes and simple ways to overcome it to neurological descriptions of the brain’s response to fear. As a Leadership Coach, I am intrigued to learnRead More →

My friend Eric competed in American Ninja Warriors this past week in Indianapolis. Because of the secrecy rules for television shows of this nature, the outcome is currently unknown. Eric has been dreaming and preparing for this moment for almost a year while battling stage four cancer. In fact, he has been fighting cancer for several years and keeps beatingRead More →

It’s go time! It’s time to go! Let’s go, it’s time! Time is a powerful influence on our lives. It dictates working, eating, sleeping, exercising, socializing, and really every part of our lives. Time causes us to feel stressed or focused. It tells us if we are good (on time) or bad (late). Time challenges us to go faster andRead More →

My day started out completely unfocused and demotivated. It felt like walking through six-inches of mud in high top tennis shoes. (Yes, I have done that.) I would like to blame it on daylight savings, but that would be deflecting the truth of the choices I made leading up to this morning. As I struggled to get focused and findRead More →

As a new manager, Jordan was excellent at facilitating team and one-on-one decision-making meetings. Her boss praised her for creating an environment of mutual trust, open sharing, creativity, and energy. However, Jordan was continually disappointed in the output of the team. Work was not getting done when she was expecting it to get done. Instead of letting this frustration getRead More →

Group decision-making and planning does not have to be painful, time-consuming, and unproductive. There is a simple process you can follow to make this experience enjoyable, efficient, and productive. This experience involves three primary steps. Start with What What? Hasn’t Simon Sinek been telling us for the past few years to “Start with the Why”? The why is important. However,Read More →

In school, I ran the 100-yard dash on the track team. It was like most races. There was a clear starting line, a finish line, and a lane for each person. I knew what I had to do to reach the destination; run fast and stay in my lane. Measuring progress was simple. As I have matured and faced moreRead More →

Recently, I was part of an open discussion entitled “Leading Generational Differences.”  This was a topic the group generated during a leadership forum a colleague and I were conducting.   With all the attention being given to this topic by authors, researchers, and speakers, it seemed like a valuable use of our time.Recently, I was part of an open discussion entitledRead More →