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Visionary CollaborationWe collaboratively partner with clients to determine, design, and deliver leadership development experiences that improve culture and performance.
Opt-In ParticipationWe prioritize individual employee perspectives by encouraging participants to think deeply, verbalize their ideas, and solve problems.
Wisdom in ActionWe impart leadership wisdom that has practical application.

1, 2, 3 Solutions

Positive Performance Culture

We have a transformative and trustworthy process for training your supervisors and managers to improve the performance of direct reports. This process consists of three progressive learning experiences that give participants the skills and knowledge to help others perform at their best and foster an engaged culture.
  1. Performance Foundations – Creating a Culture Feedback & Accountability
  2. Performance Leadership – Inspiring Growth in Others
  3. Performance Coaching – Helping Others Discover Solutions

Leadership Immersions

We partner with your organization to design and deliver high quality leadership development programs to improve culture and performance.

Leadership Coaching

We provide one-on-one confidential leadership coaching for your committed leaders desiring to enhance organizational culture and inspire performance.
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Todd Long brings real value

As the developer and facilitator of Spotlight’s emerging leader program, Todd Long brings real value to up-and-coming leaders both inside and outside of a classroom setting. Inside, he provides an experiential learning environment where program participants build trust, gain confidence, and grow leadership skills. Outside, he continues to develop emerging leaders through coaching sessions, links to learning resources, and his own podcast (Toddcast). We consider Todd a true partner and appreciate his passion, authenticity, wisdom, and commitment to deeply understanding both our business and culture.

Mike Allison
VP Talent

I highly recommend Todd Long and Leadership Innovations

Todd Long has partnered with TVH on leadership development for close to ten years. In that time Todd has been instrumental in moving our high potentials into management positions and strengthening our executive team. Todd and his team have a clear passion for unleashing greatness in everyone. His workshops are experiential, transformative and most of all, fun!

I highly recommend Todd Long and Leadership Innovations for any development need.

Martha Burt
Human Resources • Talent Development Manager
TVH Parts Company

Engaging and Fun

Whether in person or via virtual classroom, Todd engages our team members in learning, reflecting, fun and growth. He masterfully weaves our organization’s values and culture with solid leadership models and practices to provide a favorite course in our Ignite Leadership series.

Lesa Chandler
Director of Collaborative Learning & Training
Cornerstones of Care

Fun and Interactive

The Performance Leadership workshop offers your leaders a very practical look at the phases of development. Using terminology and concepts that everyone can relate to, Todd walks attendees through how to develop employees and help develop them up to proficiency. His use of activities throughout the workshops helped solidify these concepts and is a fun and interactive experience for attendees. My leaders still bring up his workshop nearly a year later and discuss how they are applying the concepts learned.

Rachel Unekis Poches
Talent Development Program Designer
Yellow Freight Company

Todd nails the dynamics

Todd Long’s P4 Leadership book and workshop provides a valuable experience to help other people grow. His content introduces simple and impactful guidance to lead someone through the appropriate stages of development. Todd nails the dynamics at play when it comes to the role of the leader and the learner. He will equip you to be more effective in your leadership journey.

Matt Marasco
Sr. Director – Leadership & Cultural Development
Kansas City Royals

Creating a Culture of Feedback

Todd delivered a fantastic session called “Creating a Culture of Feedback” at our Liberty Hospital leadership retreat.  The material connected perfectly to the work our leadership team is doing to create a premier culture where employees thrive.  Todd taught us his six guiding principles for delivering feedback and helped us apply the principles with fun and memorable exercises.

Thomas Murphy
Vice President, Human Resources
Liberty Hospital

Effective and Applicable

As an organization of working managers, Todd’s session with our leaders helped develop their arsenal in effectively leading their teams while balancing their individual workload. Almost a year later, I still hear from my managers on how effective the session was to their daily leadership.

Katie McInvale
Director of Human Resources
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