Positive Performance Culture

We recognize that individual job performance is fundamental to a thriving organization. Thus, it is critical that organizations invest in helping people do their jobs well. Unfortunately, many leaders lack the skills needed to help their employees and co-workers perform to the best of their abilities. Fortunately, the Positive Performance Series was created to provide supervisors and managers with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to personally maximize employee performance that is within their span of influence.

Performance Foundations

Creating a Culture of Supportive Accountability & Feedback

Participants will…

  • Learn to identify and communicate clear performance expectations and goals.
  • Learn how to create a “Work Design Blueprint” to establish documented accountability.
  • Learn to identify performance gaps.
  • Understand the best practices of giving and receiving feedback.
  • Understand and practice helpful forms of feedback.
  • Learn and practice the six principles of giving feedback.
Duration: 3 ½ hours
Delivery: In-Person or Virtual

Performance Leadership

Inspiring Growth in Others

Participants will…

  • Find joy in helping people learn.
    Recognize the four natural Growth Phases people go through.
  • Learn and practice the seven Leadership Engagement skills to help others move through the four Growth Phases.
  • Understand how to intentionally build trust to accelerate learning and increase performance.
Duration: 5 hours
Delivery: In-Person or Virtual

Performance Coaching

Helping Others Discover Solutions

Participants will…

  • Learn and practice the three stages of Performance Coaching:
    • Set Up the Interaction
    • Inflate Understanding
    • Make Commitments
  • Learn how to ask powerful open-ended, non-posturing questions to help others think deeper.
  • Practice focused listening to engage, understand, and draw out ideas from others.
  • Learn the best practices to help others discover solutions for themselves.
Duration: 5 hours
Delivery: In-Person or Virtual
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