As you probably remember, in the last half of 2018 we shared a series of Roadtrip Leadership Lesson videos. Each video in the series is just a few minutes long and filled with real-life leadership advice and examples. We appreciate the feedback we received about the videos, and are glad they helped you understand more about your role as a leader. Since then, we have revisited the series as a team and worked to identify the best way to present it so that you could take the information and put it to good use for your own team. This Facilitator Guide is the result.

The guide contains step-by-step instructions on sharing the videos with your team and leading valuable discussions that will encourage them to be more mindful of themselves and their interactions with others. Each lesson is designed to take no more than 10-15 minutes so that it adds value to your day rather than just taking up time. We are giving you the guide for free today and encourage you to include Roadtrip Leadership Lessons in your regular team meetings and discussions over the next couple of months. Our hope is that it will give your whole team (and you) some big Awe-Ha moments and facilitate your growth as confident and mindful leaders.

Click HERE to download the guide and get started.