New Space – New Thinking

Recently, I had a meeting scheduled at the River Market in Kansas City. I rarely visit this part of the city. A prior meeting finished early, so I had time to spare. I decided to go to the River Market, look around, and grab some lunch. As I stepped out of my car on this sunny 65-degree day, I was unaware of the subtle discovery I would soon have.

The Market was filled with unique smells of spices from around the world, sounds of live musicians playing, and sights of diverse people of all ages and ethnicities. I walked for a while, had lunch at a Brazilian restaurant, and then went to the coffee shop to wait for my appointment. I had a few more minutes to spare, so I pulled out my notebook to do some thinking about work.

After mind mapping for about 15 minutes, the discovery emerged. New space stimulated new thinking. My mind was flooded with original ideas and unique ways of thinking. My curiosity was heightened, and I felt a renewed freshness in my mind. Putting myself in a new environment with time to think ignited fresh ideas.

The idea of “New Space – New Thinking” is a valuable leadership practice. If you want to inspire people to think in unique, creative, and innovative ways, intentionally put them in a new environment. Also, if you need renewed ideas, put yourself in a different environment. Here are few environments to consider.

  • Park
  • City market
  • Rural setting
  • Museum
  • Different meeting room
  • Home
  • Retreat center
  • Outside


  1. What opportunities do you have coming up that need new thinking?

  2. What unique space might you use?