INSIGHT Inventory is available through Leadership Innovations

I am so excited that Leadership Innovations is now offering the Insight Inventory resources to our clients.

I was introduced to the Insight Inventory about ten years ago.  The first time I used this “styles inventory,” I became a believer.

There are three reasons I love this tool:

First, it allowed me to recognize that my style is different in different environments.  For example, my style at work is different than my personal style.

Second, the supporting materials helped me flex my style to interact with others more effectively.  The flexing of my style has been of great value both professionally and at home.

Third, it really works.  The assessment is accurate and the categories are relevant.

This resource has helped me know myself better and understand the people around.  It has helped bridge the communicate gap with co-workers and family members.

You can see these amazing resources for yourself by clicking the links below. I’m sure you will find them as valuable as I always have.

INSIGHT Inventory Self

INSIGHT Inventory Team

Keep Leading well!

Todd Long, President
Leadership Innovations