Ideas in the Land of Innovation

Come with me to the land of Innovation. Innovation is filled with beautiful roaring rivers, towering snow-covered mountains, flowing green valleys, deep canyons, and dense forests. When you look at Innovation from afar, it appears exciting, wonderful, and full of hope – which indeed it is. When you travel through Innovation for any period of time, you will quickly discover that there are treacherous paths, heart-stopping cliffs, and powerful storms that emerge without warning.

Our tale begins with two Ideas: Idea 1 and Idea 2. Ideas pop out of Thinkers that are spending time in Innovation. Thinkers do not live in Innovation – they only visit on occasion. They come for a while to bring Ideas into being, and then they leave to go to other lands like Doing, Updating, Presenting, Learning, and Routine.

Idea 1 came about on a river during a storm. The Thinker, by the name of Control, was filled with both fear and excitement when Idea 1 emerged. Control quickly grabbed Idea 1 and hid him in his backpack. Control did not want anyone to see Idea 1 until it was more mature. Control exited the boat and found the nearest cave hidden at the back of the forest near the boundaries of Innovation. He wanted to keep his Idea away from other Thinkers for fear they might take it, change it, or worst of all lose it. “It’s mine, and I will raise it in this cave until it’s ready for the world,” thought Control.

Idea 2 popped up in the middle of a canyon during an avalanche. The Thinker, by the name of Share, was running through the canyon dodging giant boulders when Idea 2 spontaneously emerged. Share barely made it to safety with Idea 2. Share sat down and thought, “What is the best way to grow Idea 2 so it becomes alive and vibrant?” Share decided to take Idea 2 to a place in Innovation where there was sunshine, green grass, and open space to play. She wanted everyone to see, get to know, encourage, and question Idea 2, so it would grow and be as healthy as possible. Share knew she couldn’t grow Idea 2 by herself. She knew Idea 2 needed the help of other Thinkers. Share also knew Idea 2 didn’t really belong to her; she was simply responsible for getting it out in the open.

Meanwhile, back in the cave, Idea 1 was not doing well. As a matter of fact, it was shriveling up. Control tried hard to give Idea 1 nourishment with all the resources he had. He spent time with Idea 1, encouraged it and questioned it on his own, trying to keep it breathing.   Unfortunately, Idea 1 took its last breath deep in the cave in the land of Innovation. Control stomped out of the cave angry at why he ever had Idea 1 just to see it die. Control went back to his favorite land of Agendas, questioning if he would ever return to Innovation.

Idea 2 loved the open space and all the attention it was getting. Many Thinkers were invited to see Idea 2 and spend time with it. Idea 2 went through so many growth transformations in such a short amount of time that it was difficult to see its original state. Idea 2 was beautiful, brilliant, and growing. Idea 2 became known throughout the land of Innovation as one of the most amazing ideas that had ever emerged from Innovation. Share was so thankful for the Thinkers that helped Idea 2 flourish that she went to explore more of the land of Innovation. Share was confident that there was an abundance of ideas in the land, and more would come her way.