Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote… “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” I firmly believe in order to lead well you must know yourself. Knowing yourself is being aware of your strengths, personality tendencies, motivations, short-comings, passions, triggers, and identity. I would like to provide you with an exerciseRead More →

Leaders are decision makers. You may have a title that requires you to make decisions. You may have the influence of expertise, longevity, respect, or knowledge that places you as the decision maker. As a decision-making leader it is important to consider whether the decision being made is a “me” or “we” decision. A “me” decision is a decision youRead More →

Where Am I Headed? Recently, I spoke with a lady who works for a very large organization. She has taken on a role in the past three months to create a new line of business in an area in which she has limited knowledge. This was a stretch opportunity for her, so she enthusiastically said, “Yes!” Now, after three months,Read More →