My seventeen-year-old daughter and I were talking last night about social distancing and quarantining our family for the next couple of weeks to support the community efforts to reduce the spread of the Covid-19.  She said, “We need something to look forward to.  With all our routine activities being canceled, what can we schedule as a family to do together?” Read More →

In last month’s blog, I started a five-part series on creating a positive performance culture.  In the first blog, I focused on “We know where we are going!”  To know where we are going, we must have a clear purpose, vision, and goals.  I will now turn our attention to the second guiding principle:  We own our commitments!  To ownRead More →

This post is written by Dana Schwartz, Career/Leadership Coach and Strategist with Leadership Innovations. Songs can be quite relatable to our lives. Take, for example, the infamous song by David Bowie “Changes”. I can hear the chorus now- “Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes. Turn and face the strange, Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes…”. In addition to its catchy melodic line, the lyrics remind us that change is inevitable,Read More →

This post is written by Jim Davis, a trusted colleague whom I have worked with for nearly ten years.  He draws from a wealth of unique experience and is passionate about inspiring people to be confident and authentic leaders. ~ Todd I officially “retired” eleven months ago. “Retired” is in quotes because when you work for yourself, primarily as aRead More →

Coerce – To cause to do through pressure, force, or necessity. In my last blog, I introduced the idea that there is a higher chance of someone feeling coerced if he is given a directive or mandate. I focused that blog on how to receive a directive well. If you have not read last month’s blog, The Art of CoercionRead More →

Coerce – To cause to do through pressure, force, or necessity. There is an exercise I facilitate in our leadership workshops where participants think about and respond to two words: coercion and inspiration. Predictably, under the heading of coercion, there are always statements such as “you must do this, in this way, by this time, and with these restrictions.” TheseRead More →

My family sat on our backyard patio last night just hanging out. The sun was setting. The temperature was a perfect 70-degrees and dropping slightly with a mild breeze. The younger kids jumped on the trampoline while my wife and older kids just talked about life. Eventually, I built a small fire to gaze upon and warm us. Darkness settledRead More →

The ball came flying at me with lightning velocity and a wicked spin. My counter move was critical. The instantaneous mental processing of forehand or backhand, low angle or high angle, top, side, or backspin all colliding in my mind at once. To my demise, the ball ricocheted off my paddle and into the wall giving my opponent the prizeRead More →

As we enter a new year, setting goals is a common practice. I want to challenge your thinking. I propose we should all stop setting goals as a New Year’s resolution. What’s the point of establishing goals? We feel bad when we don’t accomplish them. They give power to managers to show how poorly we’ve done. Most of the time,Read More →

Driving is a big responsibility. Every time you get behind the wheel you are responsible for the safety of yourself, the people in your car, and the other people on the road. Being careless behind the wheel can lead to huge consequences. In this final episode of the Road Trip Leadership Lessons series, Todd discusses how important it is forRead More →