Influence In John Maxwell’s book, “Developing the Leader Within You,” he defines leadership simply as influence. John writes, “Leadership is influence. That’s it. Nothing more; nothing less.” While influence is at the core of understanding leadership, it is important to dig deeper into what we influence and how we influence in order to gain followers. Influence is defined as “theRead More →

In our American tradition, the first Thanksgiving is attributed to the Pilgrims that traveled across the Atlantic Ocean to settle in Plymouth. The Mayflower carried 102 hopeful passengers across the wide open ocean to start a new life. They landed in Plymouth on December 21, 1620, but it wasn’t until the fall of 1621 that the 53 surviving settlers celebratedRead More →

Come with me to the land of Innovation. Innovation is filled with beautiful roaring rivers, towering snow-covered mountains, flowing green valleys, deep canyons, and dense forests. When you look at Innovation from afar, it appears exciting, wonderful, and full of hope – which indeed it is. When you travel through Innovation for any period of time, you will quickly discoverRead More →

I have often said “sports sell hope.” I am a Kansas City Royal’s fan, and tonight is the sixth game of the World Series. The Royals are down 2 games to 3 to the San Francisco Giants. Tonight’s game is back in Kansas City. I sure hope the Royals win. Hope is defined as “the feeling that some desire willRead More →

I few weeks ago I was doing a training session for managers on Motivation with MRI Global in Kansas City. As part of the training and to warm up the group, I teach people how to applaud. It sounds elementary, but I find that people in the corporate world are too restrained when it comes to celebrating. Thus, I giveRead More →

We did it! We loaded up the mini-van with our five kids, made the two-day journey to Disney World, spent five straight days in four different parks, and returned home intact. This was our “once in the family history” Disney adventure. It was well worth it. Also, I figure I should add to the plethora of Disney leadership lessons byRead More →

Join Todd Long, President of Leadership Innovations, and Dan Meers, the man inside the KC Wolf costume, to discuss everything from vacation preferences to the highlights of being one of Kansas City’s most recognizable figures. Throughout this entertaining interview, Dan Meers is upbeat and candid about his role as a community leader and public speaker. His leadership insights and lifeRead More →

Last week I had the chance to listen to a wonderful presentation by Denisa. She was a participant in a leadership program I delivered, and she was giving a “things I learned presentation.” This presentation once again reminded me that leadership development can be learned. Denisa clearly articulated how she took the principles she learned, applied them, and transformed aRead More →

The message, voice, and confidence of a leader are critical in influencing people. Your team, family, organization, company, church, non-profit, and community need you to put on your Leadership CAP and speak up. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech is one of the most famous and inspirational presentations in the history of the United States. There can beRead More →

The culture of a team is defined by the behaviors of that team. Identify the behaviors and you will know the culture. It is that simple.   I have had the opportunity to work with thousands of teams over the past twenty years. There is one clear behavior that tells me if a team is functional or dysfunctional. I canRead More →