Me or We Decision Making Assessment

Leaders are decision makers. You may have a title that requires you to make decisions. You may have the influence of expertise, longevity, respect, or knowledge that places you as the decision maker. As a decision-making leader it is important to consider whether the decision being made is a “me” or “we” decision.

A “me” decision is a decision you make by yourself with little or no external input. A “we” decision is a decision made by a group of stakeholders. Here is a tool to help you determine if this is a “me” or “we” decision.  This tool starts with two questions and then moves to an assessment.


1. What is the decision being made?

2. Who does the decision impact (stakeholders)?

“Me” or “We” Assessment

Me or We AssessmentTally the numbers to determine a score. If the score is a positive number it most likely means this is a “we” decision. If the score is a negative number it most likely means this is a “me” decision. You may also give more weight to certain conditions. For example, if trust is low among stakeholders and you want to increase trust, this may be an opportunity to include them in the decision as a trust-building strategy.


Before you make your next decision, consider if it is a “me” or “we” decision by answering the two questions above and doing the assessment.