I dropped off the kids this morning at a summer day-camp. My wife asked if I could do this because my schedule is flexible this week, and she has a plethora of work to complete. I have to confess selfishness bubbled up in me when the request came. “I have things I want to do. An hour hauling kids aroundRead More →

  Gavin walked into the office on Monday morning with purpose in his stride and a feeling of confidence. It was the start of a new quarter. As a salesperson, Gavin felt the feast or famine pressure of hitting the sales numbers every three months. He just hit the top tier sales quota the previous Friday by $5,000 and wasRead More →

Hide-and-seek was one my favorite games as a kid. I recall playing hide-and-seek outside with my brothers and the neighborhood kids when I was about five years old. I found the perfect spot next to a car parked on the side of the street. I crouched down next to the back tire. As I got bored waiting to be found,Read More →