Our post this week is written by Jim Davis.  Jim is a trusted colleague whom I have worked with for nearly ten years creating and delivering leadership development training programs.  He draws from a wealth of unique experience, and has a passion to inspire people to be confident and authentic leaders. ~ Todd During the second half of my 20’s,Read More →

Influence In John Maxwell’s book, “Developing the Leader Within You,” he defines leadership simply as influence. John writes, “Leadership is influence. That’s it. Nothing more; nothing less.” While influence is at the core of understanding leadership, it is important to dig deeper into what we influence and how we influence in order to gain followers. Influence is defined as “theRead More →

I have often said “sports sell hope.” I am a Kansas City Royal’s fan, and tonight is the sixth game of the World Series. The Royals are down 2 games to 3 to the San Francisco Giants. Tonight’s game is back in Kansas City. I sure hope the Royals win. Hope is defined as “the feeling that some desire willRead More →