Our post this week is written by Jim Davis.  Jim is a trusted colleague whom I have worked with for nearly ten years creating and delivering leadership development training programs.  He draws from a wealth of unique experience, and has a passion to inspire people to be confident and authentic leaders. ~ Todd During the second half of my 20’s,Read More →

“Twenty-eight, twenty-nine, thirty – Ready-or-not, here I come!” I was playing hide-and-seek with my kids the other day. It was a joyful time of trying to find the elusive spot that no one would find, and surprising a child tucked in a cabinet or under a blanket that would erupt into giggles. I have many fond memories playing hide-and-seek asRead More →

The Systematic Leadership Model is a simple process that is incredibly valuable when moving a new product or service. Enjoy this short training video, and don’t forget to download the Systematic Leadership Style Assessment, available at this link and on our resources page.Read More →

Recently, I was delivering a training session on the principles and skills of giving and receiving feedback to a group of people in India. During a break, one of the participants pulled me aside and asked, “How do you know when to give feedback?” With some probing, I discovered the actual question was, “How do you know when to giveRead More →

I have often heard the statement, “You should hire people who are smarter than you.” You might want to reconsider this proposition before jumping on the bandwagon of this leadership ideology. To begin, let me define a smart person. This is someone who is the expert in his or her field of work. This person is skilled, talented, wise, andRead More →

With the rise of social media, a compelling addiction to our devices, and a culture of privacy, has the art of building personal relationships diminished? Honestly, I am not sure I know the answer. However, I do believe that the most meaningful, trusting, and helpful business relationships will grow out of consistent face-to-face verbal interactions with one another. If youRead More →

I few weeks ago I was doing a training session for managers on Motivation with MRI Global in Kansas City. As part of the training and to warm up the group, I teach people how to applaud. It sounds elementary, but I find that people in the corporate world are too restrained when it comes to celebrating. Thus, I giveRead More →

The culture of a team is defined by the behaviors of that team. Identify the behaviors and you will know the culture. It is that simple.   I have had the opportunity to work with thousands of teams over the past twenty years. There is one clear behavior that tells me if a team is functional or dysfunctional. I canRead More →

Sometimes the best way to get that “YES!” you want from your boss is to know how to say “NO!” When you are preparing to say no, it’s important to know which “no” you need to speak so you can speak with confidence and authority. Read on to learn more about the most common types of “no”. No. Not Ever.Read More →

No matter what field you are in, there may be times when you feel like your boss is asking too much of you, or you may feel like the company leadership is leading you in the wrong direction. During those times, it’s easy to get caught up in the thoughts in your head: “I’ve got so much on my plateRead More →