If you have ever looked at your life and thought, “If only I could…” or, “I should really take the time to…” then this video is for you. It is all about setting and following realistic goals, and staying focused on the right things. It’s time to start setting realistic tasks and goals. Time to be the person you dreamRead More →

Where would you like to be a year from now? Who would you like to be? Have you thought about your goals for your work or business life? What about what you want for your personal life? This week, we invite you to join us as we take a journey one year in the future to explore what these goalsRead More →

As I enter into the New Year, I have the personal desire to refocus and gain clarity for my life. I am a strong believer and practitioner of defining personal and professional direction in order to achieve my desired outcomes. One of the tools that I designed and use is a “Work Design Blueprint.” The Work Design Blueprint helps meRead More →