Jerry Johnson

Leadership Strategist & Coach


  • Thrives on hearing people’s stories and assisting in finding solutions to their issues.
  • Is committed to maximizing the leadership potential of individuals, groups, and organizations.
  • Finds great satisfaction in building authentic relationships through honesty, openness, and accountability.
  • Seeks to continue growing and contributing and invites others to join him.
  • Believes strongly in the power of collaboration in all areas of life.

Jerry has spent his career enabling effective change in organizations including nonprofits, fortune 500 companies as well as federal and state governments. He utilizes skills in facilitation, coaching, mediation, and negotiation to bring about lasting systemic and individual modifications.

Professionally: Jerry is an executive coach, systems consultant, and volunteer.

Personally: Jerry is married with two daughters and five grandchildren. He loves fly fishing, tying his own flies, kayaking and walking “Charlie” his King Charles Spaniel. He is an avid reader.