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Reinventing you as a leader so you can reinvent your organization.

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Leadership Innovations offers leadership development, team building and keynote speaking services to organizations and corporate groups. We are passionate about helping you and your team reach your goals and achieve more than you thought possible. Our goal is to reinvent you as a leader so you can reinvent your organization!

"Well worth the time. Relevant content. Will make you want to take action."

Beth VaughanHR Partner, Hallmark Cards

"It has been much more valuable than I would have guessed. I’ve been able to apply the class to my everyday life."

Brian DillPractice Leader, Netsmart

"The program makes you become more aware of who you are and what you can be."

Pattie NaomoffSolutions Manager, Netsmart

Your gift for connecting people through leadership topics and energizing activities is inspiring. Participants were totally engaged.  I appreciate your time and great, positive energy!

Amy ScheitlerNetsmart
Hollis + Miller Architects engaged Leadership Innovations as a part of our firm’s overall strategic vision to equip the team in a variety of ways, including assimilation and complete integration of team members.  The end results have been fabulous.  We’ve seen enhanced collaboration which has led to increased creativity and ideation.
John Brown, AIA, DBIA, Partner Hollis + Miller Architects
Thank you for partnering with Viracor-IBT Labs.  Our leaders and mangers always walk away from your training events feeling a sense of encouragement and community.  The way in which you teach leadership is phenomenal.  Even adults like to have fun while they are learning!  Most importantly I can see and feel that Viracor-IBT is functioning at a better level because of it!  Keep bringing us your creative, fun and exciting knowledge!
Human Resource Director Viracor-IBT Labs
Todd Long is one of the most gifted facilitators and leadership coaches I have ever encountered. He practices what he teaches in every aspect of his life and I am grateful to say that every opportunity I have had to work with him has been one where I have also learned from him. I highly recommend him for any work you have that requires a coach or facilitator who will leave participants with a thoughtful plan of action as to how they can act and behave in a way that will bring out the best in themselves and in turn others.
Mary B. Lucas, Chief Resource OfficerStaffmark
Thanks to this course I revisited my 5 year professional Goal ( on what I want to do in life). To achieve that, have now a 3 year, 2 year and 6 month goal set. I can’t thank you enough for your time and coaching over this program. This program has been simply phenomenal and you get all the credit for making it soo very successful for all the participants.
Umang Gupta, Engagement Leader, Application Management ServicesCerner Middle East
I wanted to let you know that our Leadership Development Programs have just been ranked as #5 for our outstanding achievements in leadership development. We received this award based on our programsʼ impact, creativity, execution, as well as peer and end user ratings. For additional bragging rights, we ranked higher than Google, Facebook, Disney, and Microsoft. None of this would be possible without the hard work of Leadership Innovations-this work is a direct reflection of your facilitation, coaching, and insight. We are thankful to have you as part of our team.
Program Coordinator, Associate and Leadership Development Cerner

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