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Leadership Experiences

Every organization needs to intentionally develop their current and future leaders in order to stay competitive and grow. Leadership Experiences are six to eight sessions designed to enhance leadership skills, increase confidence, and form unified relationships. We work alongside you to collaboratively create these experience to reflect your values, culture, and desired leaderships skills. When participants put these lessons into practice there is increased engagement, higher productivity, and improved organizational outcomes (revenue, innovation, and process improvement).

Refresher Workshop

Every team or groups of leaders needs to pause, refresh their skills, unify relationships, and image the future. Our Refresher Workshops are half to two-day experiences designed to enhance leadership skills, form aligned team relationships, and help people image the future. The outcomes are improved communication, team effectiveness, leadership skill development, and clearer focus.

Interactive Presentations

We all need encouragement, new ideas, and other’s support to help us grow as leaders.   Our 30 to 90-minutes Interactive Presentations go beyond the trite talking head “motivational speaker” label. We want audience members think, converse, and discover real application from the learning that takes place.   We do this by creating a highly interactive and engaging learning environment that nudges people out of their comfort zones and into ah-ha-moments.

Interactive Presentations are perfect for conferences, luncheons, and large group meetings.

A Few of Our Topics Include…

  • The Answers Are in the Room
  • Me to We Collaboration
  • FLIP Out – Motivating Others
  • Discovering Your Work Life Flow

“A true leader, Toddʼs approach to team development and facilitation skills really makes an impact with the young professionals we work with as they embark on a year-long team experience where high trust, open communication and leadership is paramount. We continue to hire Leadership Innovations because our students have a great experience and we know he’ll do a great job.” Nancy Barcus, Vice President, Leader and Organizational Services, Agriculture Future of America

Reinventing you as a leader so you can reinvent your organization.